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No second thoughts to the fact that Microsoft has been the most influential application development company in the past decade. Post stunning stint with Windows, Microsoft plunged at various desktop applications such as MS Office. The complete MS suite comprises of various text and data processing applications.

Knock To Techs was one of the first tech support agencies offering complete troubleshooting and service request assistance for MS office. There are millions of users for MS Office and thus only a dedicated Ms Office tech support wing could cater to the rising number of issues in the application. Subsequently, our Ms Office customer care desk successfully delivers troubleshooting services for all types of issues in Ms Office and allied applications.

Covering all Ms Office applications such as Ms PowerPoint, Ms Word, Ms Excel, Ms Access and others, some of the errors in Ms Office as reported to our Ms Office technical support unit are:

  • Page Alignment in MS Word 2007
  • Installation office 2013
  • Add User in Cloud office
  • Text Formatting help in MS Word 2007
  • How to search and Find text
  • How to replace text in Ms 2003
  • Bold, Underline, Italic and colouring formatting
  • How to print a doc directly from MS Word
  • Use Format Painter in 2013
  • Edit images in MS Word 2010
  • Add background effects in PowerPoint
  • Add sound effects in PowerPoint slides
  • Switching amongst slides in Powerpoint
  • How to use MS Excel
  • Add and delete a cell in version 2003
  • Mathematic calculations in MS Excel reports
  • Install Microsoft Outlook
  • Configure Outlook with other email accounts
  • Unable o send and receive mails in 2010 suite
  • Unable to attach files
  • Outlook chat server not working
  • Outlook calendar not working
    And many more..

This was just a glimpse of the many problems in Ms Office faced by users all over. At Knock To Techs, we are reported with hundreds of issues. Reach us at Or Call us at +1-855-537-0543

Why us?

  • 10AM - 6PM EST Monday to Friday availability
  • Certified professionals to attend your queries
  • Lesser escalation rates that ensure faster remedies
  • Affordable rates so that customised needs can be accomplished

Reach our Ms Office tech support phone number at +1-855-537-0543 Today

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