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Asus owns a massive customer following ever since its inception in 1989. Besides desktops, laptops, smartphones, motherboards and others, it is a leading manufacturer and distributer of routers.

Knock To Techs was one of the first router tech support companies offering end to end Asus router technical support in North America. Following a well tested troubleshooting protocol, our agents handling the Asus router customer care help desk have been able to resolve critical problems.

Some of the most common issues in Asus router as registered at our professional Asus router customer support unit are:

  • Installation of Asus routers and drivers
  • How to install Asus wireless modems
  • Assistance with using Asus wireless modems
  • Help to configure Asus router with other devices
  • Upgrading Asus router drivers
  • Resolving Asus router wireless problems and issues
  • Inability to connect the router to the Internet
  • Connecting multiple PCs to the same router
  • Help to change wireless settings of the Asus router
  • Fixing broken DNS relay function
  • Boosting performance of Asus router
  • Assistance in connecting printer to wireless Asus router
  • Troubleshooting network channel interface issues
  • Troubleshooting wireless Asus router problems
    And many more..

If kept unchecked for long, Asus routers connection problems are potent enough to acquire critical inconsistencies and thus disrupt the normal functioning of an entire computer network. Thus it is advisable to reach our Asus router customer support phone number at +1-855-537-0543.

What makes us different?

At Knock to Techs, we adhere to quick and long lasting solutions that help ensure smoother functioning.

  • 10AM - 6PM EST Monday to Friday availability
  • Certified professionals to attend your queries
  • Get Support over the Phone to get it Resovle soon
  • Rich experience in troubleshooting printers
  • Customized technical assistance for home users
  • Less than 5 % escalation rate
  • Use of latest troubleshooting tools
  • User friendly subscription plans

Call our trained and experienced team at Asus router technical support phone number +1-855-537-0543

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PC's Performance

Our Team use best tool to increase performance of your pc. It's important to keep your pc error free to increae your productivity.

Disc Defragment

Most of the error occure in pc by wrong file allocatoin. We help you to insure that your hard disc is defragmented and run smoothly.

Security Check

Data is every important for everyone. We suggest you to use a better security tool to keep your pc Adware, Malware, Trojan and Virus free to keep it safe and problem free.

Software Update

Software update importat to keep your application and operating system up to date with security, new features and changes.

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